[Project] Quiet Books are a Godsend

I must admit, I’ve never been too impressed with Quiet Books; the ones I’ve seen look tacky and not worth the money. Plus, I haven’t had the desire to spend the time making my own.

I’ve changed my mind recently and am starting this project. I’ll tell you why.

Screenshot_20160227_153922What is a Quiet Book?

First let’s look at what exactly a Quiet Book is.

Put simply, it’s a book made out of fabric to keep little tykes occupied and without noise.

The pages can be for a number of activities: matching, sorting, playing, moving, counting, and lots more. There can be an overall theme to the book or not even a hint of relation from page to page.

Quite a few moms use them during church to keep their kiddos quietly distracted.

Why I didn’t like Quiet Books

Put shortly, I stereotyped: saw a few bad ones, and all went downhill from there.

The ones I saw..

  • Few Pages
  • Only for babies and toddlers, but not older kids
  • Random pages, without themes
  • Just Not CUTE!
  • Long time to make

Overall, I felt it wasn’t worth it.

How One Quiet Book Maker Changed My Mind

Remember… I changed my mind. Here’s why.

Just like all other 5 and 4 year old kids, mine have a hard time sitting still and staying quiet in church for a whole hour. We have coloring, small picture books and snacks, but it’s still difficult to keep them occupied week after week with the same old stuff.

il_570xN.824438073_l3b3 Sommer, my dear friend, invited me to look at her Etsy store and I did, to support her. I found 2 Quiet Book patterns she had for sale and fell in love. They’re adorable and focus on the Bible and Book of Mormon. These were just the solution to aid in keeping my kiddos quiet and focused on gospel stories in church.


Sommer’s books solve all the problems I have with Quiet Books, well most of them :).

il_570xN.824738320_7c19Each of her books have 9 pages focusing on different stories in the Bible or Book of Mormon. The activities entertain older kids and are still simple enough for toddlers. To top it all off, they are super cute with intricate detail making them look professionally made. I love them!

Making the books still takes a lot of time, but that’s crafting >.<

About My Project

I’ve started working on the Bible Quiet Book and I’m discovering there’s more to making a Quiet Book than I thought.

  • Lot of materials
  • Lots of time
    • Setup
    • Cutting out
    • Piecing together
    • Sewing
  • Poor Instructions
  • Lots of steps missing
  • Easy to Give Up

Hobby Lobby has pretty much everything you’ll need to make these books, along with any random items you might have in your own crafting stash.

Pace yourself, that’s the key to not becoming overwhelmed with making this Quiet Book. Setup the main book then focus on one felt page at a time. Doing it this way makes it not so big and scary, believe me.

The instructions my friend provided with each book are a bit lacking with details on how to put everything together.  If I wasn’t as experienced with sewing, I would be pretty lost; I’d give up and probably never pick it back up.

I don’t want anyone else to be as confused as I am, especially since these books are so cute and deserve to be made!

I’m going to do step-by-step blog posts of how to put these Quiet Books together. I want anyone willing to take on a challenge to successfully put together these Bible and Book of Mormon Quiet Books.

The Wrap Up

There are a variety of different Quiet Books. Done right, they are cute, functional and… quiet.

The right Quiet Books are worth making.

Make your own by following along on my Quiet Book project adventure.


Here are the links to all parts of the Bible Quiet Book:

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