[Project] Part 9 Bible Quiet Book – Personalized Title Page

In my previous post we put together ‘Noah’s Ark’ felt page in the Bible Quiet Book.

You’ll find the pattern for this Bible Quiet Book in my friend’s Etsy store.

This post will step you through how to put together the last felt page in the Quiet Book, ‘Personalized Title Page.’

This page is definitely the easiest in this entire project. Have fun with this one ;)!

Pattern Pieces, Pin & Cut-out Felt


1.) Find all the pattern pages with the ‘C#’ pieces.

2.) Pin pattern pieces to their respective color felt sheets. Cut out ONLY the ‘C#’ pieces.


3.) Choose letters needed to spell your last name out of the BIG and SMALL pattern letters.


4.) Pin and cut out your letters.



Your letters should look something like this when all cut out. The small orange letters on top of the white large letters.

Sew Page

numbered-pattern-pieces-layout-title-page numbered-page-layout-title-page

5.) Place pattern pieces onto one of your 9 white felt pages: C1, C2, C3, C4, C10, C11, & C12 (blue triangles), C5 (orange zig-zag), C6 & C9 (white zig-zags), & C7 (blue zig-zag).

  • – The Instructions show C8 (dark blue zig-zag) pattern piece, but there is no C8 pattern piece. Don’t worry about it. Place triangles and zig-zags together in the pattern shown above.
  • – I accidentally cut my white felt page smaller than the other pages. I figured it wouldn’t matter for the title page, and it worked out alright. Yours will have more border room on the sides than mine.


6.) Pin pattern pieces onto white felt page.


7.) Sew pattern pieces onto white felt page.



The page should look like this now.



8.) Place and pin letters to spell your last name onto the page.

  • – Small orange letters should be placed on top of their respective large white letters.


9.) Sew letters onto the page.

  • – Start by sewing the orange letters (through the white letters).


10.) Sew the white letters onto the page.

  • – This makes a nice border stitch around the orange letters.
  • – Don’t forget to sew inside any letters, like the ‘R’ circle on mine :).



The letters should look something like this when finished.



Your title page is now done.

This completes all the felt pages in the Bible Quiet Book.

Stay tuned for Part 10, ‘Finishing Up the Bible Quiet Book.’


In case you want to skip ahead or behind, here’s links to all parts of the Bible Quiet Book:

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