[Project] Part 6 Bible Quiet Book – Ten Commandments

In my previous post we put together ‘David and Goliath’ felt page in the Bible Quiet Book.

You’ll find the pattern for this Bible Quiet Book in my friend’s Etsy store.

This post will step you through how to put together the next felt page in the Quiet Book, ‘Ten Commandments.’

Pattern Pieces & Background


1.) Find all the pattern pages with the ‘T#’ pieces.

2.) Tape together the patterns with two pages. Cut around the outline edges to all the pattern pages.

3.) Pin pattern pages to their respective color felt sheets. Cut out ONLY the ‘T#’ pieces.

numbered-make-missing-background-piece-ten-commandments numbered-make-missing-background-piece2-ten-commandments

** NOTE **

Some people have ordered this Bible Book before April 2016 (like me) and found a missing page from the instructions.

I chatted with Sommer King, the author of the patterns, and she recognized the error as well. It should now be back in there. However, I’m making these instructions as I had to go through them.

If you have the ‘missing page,’ with pattern piece T10, skip to Step 7 in this walk-through.

** END NOTE **

4.) Make missing background piece T10 (green background), if your patterns don’t have it.

  • – Use T11 & T12 (gray tablets), T13 (dark gray side tablets), T9 (off-white robe), T3 (tan robe piece), and T6 (dark brown staff) to help know where to draw rolling hills bumps.
  • – I used another pattern page to get the right width for the background piece.

Your pattern piece should look like this when done.



5.) Pin and cut out pattern piece T10 (light green background).


6.) Place and pin background piece T10 (light green background) onto one of your 9 white felt pages.


7.) Pin and cut out T10 (light green background) pattern piece.


8.) Place and pin T10 (light green background) onto one of your 9 white felt pages.


9.) Sew T10 (light green background) onto your white felt page.



Your background should look something like this when done.

Sew Tablets


10.) Place T11 & T12 (gray tablets) onto thick interfacing.

  • – I didn’t have enough thick interfacing so I used thin interfacing; it worked just fine.


11.) Iron interfacing onto the pieces.

  • – Don’t iron too long or the felt will melt.


12.) Trim excess interfacing around tablet pieces.

13.) Place numbers 1 – 5 onto T11 (gray tablet) and numbers 6 – 10 onto T12 (gray tablet).


14.) Sew numbers onto tablets.



Tablets should look like this when numbers are done being sewn on.



15.) Select beads for the numbered spots on tablets. String 1 bead onto small black chord.


16.) Sew chord next to number 1 on tablet; using a zig-zag stitch to reinforce.


17.) cut chord to fit on tablet.


18.) Sew the end of the chord onto the tablet using the zig-zag stitch.


19.) Continue to thread beads onto the thin black chord for each respective number and sew them in place.



The back should look something like this.


Tablets will look something like this when finished.

Sew Moses & Tablets onto Background


20.) Place T11 & T12 (gray tablets), T13 (dark gray side tablets), T9 (white robe), T5 (red sash), T16 (red belt), T5 (skin face), T4 (dark brown hair), T15 (dark brown mustache), T3 (tan robe), T6 (dark brown staff), T1 (skin hand), T7 (skin foot), and T8 (dark brown sandal) onto the background of your white felt page.

  • – T7 (skin foot) goes on top of the bottom of T8 (dark brown sandal) and underneath the strap of the sandal.


21.) Pin pieces onto the page.


22.) Sew pieces onto the page using respective thread colors to match felt.


23.) Mark the placement of Moses’ nose, with a pencil, using T5 (skin face) pattern piece as a guide.

24.) Sew Moses’ nose.


25.) Sew Moses’ eyes by using a stationary zig-zag stitch.


  • – Switch your sewing machine foot guide to stationary. My sewing machine has a lever switch (shown in the picture) from left to right. Make sure to change back when you’re done :).




26.) Sew lines onto Moses’ hair and beard using T4 (dark brown hair) pattern piece as a guide.



The hair and beard should look something like this when done.


The page should look like this when done. Kiddos can count the beads by moving them on the chords.


Check out Part 7, ‘Baby Moses.’


In case you want to skip ahead or behind, here’s links to all parts of the Bible Quiet Book:

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