[Project] Part 3 Bible Quiet Book – Daniel and the Lion’s Den

In my previous post we put together ‘Jonah and the Whale’ felt page in the Bible Quiet Book.

You’ll find the pattern for this Bible Quiet Book in my friend’s Etsy store.

This post will step you through how to put together the next felt page in the Quiet Book, ‘Daniel and the Lion’s Den.’

Pattern Pieces, Pin & Cut-out Felt

1.) Find all the pattern pages with the ‘A#’ pieces.

2.) Tape together the patterns with two pages and cut around the outline edges to all the pattern pages.


3.) Pin pattern pages to their respective color felt sheets and cut out ONLY the ‘A#’ pieces.


4.) Pin and cut out A9’s (2 red tongue pieces) and A13’s (2 red tongue pieces) from scrap red quilt material.



These are all the pieces cut out.

Sew Background


5.) Place and pin A32 (gray background) and A31 (light blue sky) onto one of your 9 white felt pages.

numbered-sew-background-Daniel-lions-den numbered-sew-sky-Daniel-lions-den

6.) Sew A32 (gray background) and A31 (light blue sky) in place.


7.) Place and pin A16 (white dove) onto the light blue sky.

8.) Sew A16 (white dove) into place.



The dove should look like this when done.

Sew Lions


9.) Place A23 & A24 (tan lion bodies), A27 (tan lion leg), A33 and A34 (tan lion arms) A17 & A21 (dark brown lion manes) and A18 & A19 (dark brown tails) onto the background.

10.) Cut 2 thick interfacing squares to go behind each lion’s head.


11.) Place interfacing squares behind each lion’s head, using felt pieces as a guide.

  • – Make sure the fusing side is placed on the background felt and not the lion. You will be ironing the interfacing onto the background.


12.) Take off Lion pieces and leave interfacing on background.


13.) Pin interfacing squares in place to prevent movement before ironing.

14.) Iron interfacing squares into place.

  • – Be careful not to iron too long on the felt, it will melt.


15.) Place and pin A23 & A24 (tan lion bodies), A27 (tan lion leg), A33 and A34 (tan lion arms) A17 & A21 (dark brown lion manes), A18 & A19 (dark brown tails) and A25, A26, A28 & A29 (tan lion ears) onto the background and interfacing squares.

  • – Make sure the lion heads are positioned over the interfacing squares.

numbered-sew-lions-Daniel-lions-den numbered-sew-lions-Daniel-lions-den2

16.) Sew lion pieces onto background, changing thread to match colored felt.

  • – Make sure to sew extra body lines on each lion.



It should look something like this when done.

Sew Daniel


17.) Place and pin Daniel pieces: A4 (orange shirt), A3 (light blue shirt stripe), A7 (off-white pants), A6 (off-white arm), A1 (skin hand), A2 (skin face), A20 (dark brown hair), A5 (skin foot) and A22 (dark brown shoe).

  • – I couldn’t find off-white felt so mine is white :).


18.) Sew Daniel pieces onto background.

  • When sewing Daniel’s shirt stripe and arm, sew the stripe on first then the arm.

remove-arm-sew-shirt-piece-Daniel-lions-den sew-arm-Daniel-lions-den

  • Sew Daniel’s eye with a stationary zig-zag stitch.sewing-machine-setting-Jesus-walking-water
    • Switch your sewing machine foot guide to stationary. My sewing machine has a lever switch (shown in the picture) from left to right. Make sure to change back when you’re done :).




Daniel should look like this when done.

Put together Lion Mouths

19.) Take pieces A11 & A15 (tan lion mouths) and sew noses onto each one.

  • – I did a tight zig-zag stitch and back-stitched to get them thick enough.



They should look like this when done.



20.) Place A8 (white lion teeth) on top of A10 (black inside mouth) and A12 (white lion teeth) on top of A14 (black inside mouth).


21.) Sew teeth onto inside of lion mouths.



The mouths should look like this when done.


numbered-interfacing-lion-mouths-Daniel-lions-den numbered-interfacing-lion-mouths-top-Daniel-lions-den

22.) Pin top and inside of lion mouths together with thin interfacing in between.

  • – Iron the interfacing on to one side of the mouth before pinning and sewing. Repeat for other mouth.


23.) Sew lion mouths together.



Each mouth should look like this when done.



24.) Trim interfacing around mouths.


25.) Sew A9’s (2 red lion tongues) together and A13’s (2 red lion tongues) together. Leave the flat top open.



The 2 tongues should look like this when done.



26.) Turn the two tongues right side out.



The tongues should look like this when done.



27.) Snip a hole in the inside mouth felt layer exactly in the center, large enough for the tongue to go in.

  • Be careful not to catch the top part of the mouth when snipping; it’s okay to get the interfacing layer inside.


28.) Insert tongues into lion mouths.

  • – Make sure you put the larger tongue into the larger mouth and the smaller tongue into the smaller mouth.


29.) Pin lion mouths to lions on the page with the inside of the mouth facing you, as if the mouth was open.


30.) Sew both mouths to lions on page. Sew directly across the middle and around the bottom. Do not sew the top half of the mouth.



Lion mouth should look like this when done.



31.) Sew nose and eyes on both lions.

  • Flip the top half of the mouth down to close the mouth.
  • Sew lines from lion on felt page onto the mouth to finish the nose.
  • Stitch eyes using stationary zig-zag stitch.



Both lions should look something like this when done.



Lion mouths should open like this when finished.


Your finished page should look like this. Lion mouths open and close.

finished-mouths-closed-Daniel-lions-den finished-mouths-open-Daniel-lions-den

Check out Part 4, ‘Queen Esther.’


In case you want to skip ahead or behind, here’s links to all parts of the Bible Quiet Book:

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