[Project] Part 2 Bible Quiet Book – Jonah and the Whale

In my previous post we put together ‘Jesus Walking on Water‘ felt page in the Bible Quiet Book.

You’ll find the pattern for this Bible Quiet Book in my friend’s Etsy store.

This post will step you through how to put together the next felt page in the Quiet Book, ‘Jonah and the Whale.’

Pattern Pieces, Pin & Cut-out Felt


1.) Find all the pattern pages with the ‘J#’ pieces.

2.) Tape together the patterns with two pages and cut around the outline edges to all the pattern pages.

3.) Pin pattern pages to their respective color felt sheets and cut out ONLY the ‘J#’ pieces.


4.) Make the missing piece J20 (light blue cloud) by using J21 (white cloud) pattern piece as a guideline.

  • – You’ll want to make J20’s cloud bumps outline J21’s cloud bumps about 1/4.”
  • – The top and side flat edges stay flush together.


Sew Whale & Water

Note: Remember to sew felt pieces with their respective colored thread.


5.) Get pieces J5 (white whale mouth) and J12 (pink whale mouth back).

6.) Put J12 (pink whale mouth back) on thick interfacing and iron it on. Trim excess interfacing.

  • – Make sure you put the interfacing on the right side of J12 so the interfacing will sandwich between J5 and J12. I wasn’t careful and I had to pull off the interfacing and get a new piece.


7.) Sew J5 (white whale mouth) on to J12 (pink whale mouth back) with interfacing in-between them.



The whale mouth should look like this when done.



8.) Cut clear vinyl/plastic piece to be about 1″ bigger than J13 (gray whale body) belly’s opening; about 6″ x 6.”


9.) Place vinyl/plastic on the back of J13 (gray whale body) and top stitch close to the edge.


10.) Trim off excess vinyl/plastic; staying about 1/8″ away from stitching.



When done it should look like this from the front.



Sew around whale mouth to reinforce.

  • – Sew 1/8″ in from the edge.

11.) Place and pin large eye pieces J4 (white whale eye), J6 (light blue whale eye), J15 (gray whale eyelid) and J2 (black whale eye) on top of each other onto J13 (gray whale body).

12.) Sew eye pieces together onto J13 (gray whale body), being extra careful and slow.

  • – Make sure to use respective thread colors with the felt.
  • – Sew eyelid first.

13.) Sew around the rest of the eye pieces.

  • – The smaller eye pieces will be attached in a later step.


The eye should look like this:



14.) Place felt pieces J16 (blue water) and J20 (light blue cloud) onto one of your 9 white felt pages. Top stitch around the pieces.


15.) Sew waves onto J16 (blue water).


16.) Pin in place J11 (pink inside whale) and sew in place.


17.) Pin in place J13 (gray whale body), J5 (white whale mouth) attached to J12 (pink whale mouth back) and smaller eye (pieces J3 (white whale eye), J7 (light blue whale eye), J14 (gray whale eyelid) and J1 (black whale eye) on top of each other) onto J11 (pink inside whale). Sew whale and eye onto white felt page.

  • – You will overlap onto the water a little bit.

  • – 1.) Don’t sew the mouth of J13 (gray whale body) at this point.
  • – 2.) Leave a wide enough spot here to insert and sew a ribbon; Jonah attached to a ribbon will be sewn here later.
  • – 3.) Make sure to sew this part of J5 (white whale mouth).
  • – 4.) Zig-zag a couple times over this spot for reinforcement.


The whale should look like this now:


Sew Jonah & Attach to Whale

18.) Place on thick interfacing in this order: J33 (green clothes), J35 (dark green belt), J29 (skin face), J43 (dark brown hair), J47 (dark brown mustache), J46 (dark brown beard), J30 & J28 (skin arms), J38 & J39 (skin legs), and J37 & J36 (dark brown shoes).

  • – Place hair, mustache and beard on top of face with enough room to sew eyes and with beard overlapping on to J33 (green clothes).
  • – Overlap arms onto J33 (green clothes) with enough to attach when sewing.
  • – Make sure legs have enough felt underneath J33 (green clothes) to attach when sewing.

19.) Iron to secure in place.


20.) Sew Jonah pieces onto thick interfacing and sew eyes on.


  • – I made my sewing machine foot guide stationary (switching over the lever in the picture above from left to right) and used the zig-zag stitch to make the eyes. Make sure to switch the lever back when you’re done :).

21.) Trim excess interfacing so Jonah looks like this.

22.) Pin these pieces on top of finished Jonah front: J33 (green clothes), J35 (dark green belt), J30 & J28 (skin arms), J29 (skin face), J32 (dark brown hair), J32 (skin legs back) and ribbon.

  • – Sandwich in at least 1/2″ ribbon in-between the middle of the front and back pieces of Jonah.
  • – Make sure the legs have enough felt tucked underneath J33 (green clothes) to attach when sewing; as well as the head and arms.


23.) Sew pieces in place. Back-stitch over the ribbon to ensure stability.


24.) Insert other end of ribbon attached to Jonah inside fin section of the whale and sew it in place. Back-stitch a couple times to reinforce both whale mouth and ribbon.

Sew Water Droplets on Page

numbered-sew-water-drops-Jonah-whale numbered-jonah-whale-pin-sew-raindrops

25.) Place and sew J19’s (4 light blue water drops), J18’s (3 blue water drops), J8 (dark blue water drop) and J9 & J10 (blue water drops) on main felt page around whale and cloud in the sky.

  • – Make sure to use respective colored thread on different colored felt droplets.


Your finished ‘Jonah and the Whale’ page should look and function like this:

Check out Part 3, ‘Daniel and the Lion’s Den.’


In case you want to skip ahead or behind, here’s links to all parts of the Bible Quiet Book:

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