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[Recipe] Amazing Crock-Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore is my all-time favorite. I would beg my mom to make it for me when growing up. The savory chicken and tomato sauce on top of rice is so yummy! It’s simple to put together in the crock-pot

[Recipe] Better than Rhodes Rolls

Do you love Rhode’s Frozen Rolls? I grew up loving Rhode’s Rolls! They were somehow better than my mom’s homemade rolls. I’ve tried a lot of bread roll recipes over the years and I’ve never been satisfied. These One-Hour Dinner Rolls have more

[Recipe] Would You Eat Dutch Babies? I Would!

No! I’m not talking about munching on little children from Belgium; I am talking about German Pancakes. Dutch Babies are German Pancakes. These ‘Babies’ were introduced to America by Seattle cafe owner Victor Manca because his daughter couldn’t pronounce ‘Deutsche’

[Recipe] How to Make Box Brownies Without Going to the Store

Do you ever crave brownies but don’t want to go to the store to get some? I do, all the time! To sate my desires, I went hunting and found the answer. Crazy for Crust has a brownie recipe that fits the bill

[Recipe] Potato Soup Done Right

I’ve been told, “soup warms the soul.” That’s only true when it tastes so good you want to go back for seconds. You can make potato soup a number of different ways. I’ve found some recipes play with the line