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[Recipe] A Pizza Dough that Will Change Your Life… No Seriously

Pizza is an American family favorite. My family is all American in this way.¬†We love it so much we probably contribute half of the $37 billion dollars a year to the pizza industry… until recently. I’ve recently haggled and hornswoggled

[Recipe] Healthy Cottage Cheese Oatmeal Apple Waffles

Breakfast food is by far my favorite! There’s just something about sweet and savory foods that fit into the breakfast category… Waffles are my easy go-to option whenever I’m craving breakfast food or I don’t have anything planned for dinner.

[Recipe] Simple, yet Tasty Taco Soup

Taco Soup is the soup that reminds you of Mexican food but not with all the calories; well, if you don’t add too many chips :). Set For Life cookbook has this healthy recipe in it, along with other yummy

[Recipe] Delicious Stuffed Peppers

Mexican food is my favorite. I crave it all the time, especially when I’m pregnant :). My sister-in-law gave me this recipe for stuffed green peppers. It’s easy, quick and tastes great; plus, you can add whatever you want to

[Recipe] Honestly Just Like Restaurant Re-Fried Beans

Re-fried beans out of a can are safe; you know exactly how they’ll taste. One step up from the can is restaurant style re-fried beans. Then who quite knows where home-made beans rank, but they usually don’t compare to restaurant