You want to know a little bit about the woman behind the blog…


I’m in my 30’s.

I love Joe with all my heart and soul! I’m so blessed to be married to him.

Together we have 3 adorable children, who keep me constantly on my toes all day long and who I love dearly.

We are living in Washington where I get to enjoy green all year round. And yes, the rain is worth it!

I grew up in Utah for the first 20 years of my life, where my family still lives.

Putting together jigsaw puzzles no smaller than 1,000 pieces is my favorite hobby! I have done a 5,000 piece puzzle; the goal is to keep going up.

I am a Mormon and go to church every Sunday where my hubby signs for 2 deaf families in our congregation.

Reading fantasy novels like Edenbrook, Matched series, The Mortal Instruments series, The Hour Glass Door series,  Pride and Prejudice, The Lunar Chronicles (to mention a few) is a pleasurable indulgence of mine.

Pinterest is my friend. I don’t like the same-old-same-old for dinner and Pinterest helps me in my endeavors to try new things.

I like to play Facebook games. My favorites: Candy Crush, Mahjong Trails, Solitaire Tales, Bubble Witch 2 Saga and Solitaire in Wonderland.

Intagram is my new favorite way to boast about my children and cooking.

I’m super excited about this blog!